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I believe someone has saw Louis Vuitton 2015 spring and summer women's show espcially Louis Vuitton Handbags will be convulsed by futuristic atmosphere of the show. The Scene of Fondation Louis Vuitton is created from the maestro Frank Gehry, there are many the incredible in staged.

Nicolas Ghesquiere is not a just a man set his sights on the future. He would be happy to look back in the past, and broke boundaries past and present and future. In a big show opening, guests see is the creation of David Lynch in 1984 film "Dune" fragments coupled to changing young people face, a voice at the end of the movie, said: "Today, October 1 day, Louis Vuitton Outlet will be explored in the stagnant premise, traveled capacity of the entire universe, the journey begins from here."

This line of thought throughout the Nicolas Ghesquiere designed for Louis Vuitton Handbags and Spring Summer 2015 women's collection among the opening, tied at the neck dresses with Louis Vuitton Bags, patterns and details with a bit of ribbon are classical sense, but the overall look at the model's Look up but it is absolutely simple, modern. The next stage of wide leg jeans, Louis Vuitton Canada bags appeared in large numbers in the second half, each piece is described as a "retro", but in the overall scene reminiscent of science fiction show floor but did nothing illegal and feeling.

Louis Vuitton Outlet for travel urban sportsman who launched a new shoulder bag series. Package shall be designed to meet the varying needs of different styles. From day to night, and from the streets of the city, whether it is on the way to a meeting, or go to the cafe to rest or catch an airplane can be tight with your pace. The series uses a leather Louis Vuitton Bags and canvas fabrics, details of the deal is extremely elegant, and inside of the Louis Vuitton Handbags compartment design package can be used to accommodate the laptop, IPad and other personal items. Its design varies, can meet the needs of business people to athletes from different professional sportsman who.

This series is hard to set an exact audience age, you can find a fit 20-year-old girl Look, you can flappers middle-aged man to find one suitable bag. Marc Jacobs and an entire series from beginning to end the era of only one distinctive feature compared to Louis Vuitton Canada Handbags fashion show, Nicolas Ghesquiere by popular message passing this show is beginning to see some "debris", but to do so they obviously can make it attractive for more people to produce. What's more, in retrospect, "in stagnant premise, traveled throughout the universe," the meaning of this sentence in the entire series, we did see in the past, modern, and even the future.

Louis Vuitton Canada recently released 2014 autumn and winter bags ad large, still interpreted by Michelle Williams, which she served as the brand ambassador of the third quarter, the large advertising Shot by photographer Peter Lindbergh, highlights Michelle Williams moving irresistible charm.

The Ad Campaign by Capucines and Lockit Both have new colors logo Louis Vuitton handbags. Capucines handbag with a sky blue, pale pink and dark blue with bright purple trim; Lockit Louis Vuitton Canada Handbags is selected beige and black with python leather trim. Both handbags at Michelle Williams interpretation to create a subtle and harmonious atmosphere.

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